Approved Air Parts Co., Inc (AAPCO)

What can we PMA for you?

Approved Air Parts Co., Inc  (AAPCO) was founded in 1994 as our FAA-PMA development company. AAPCO is focused on offering customers deeply discounted, top quality alternatives to O.E.M. products.

FAA-PMA may be thought of as a manufacturing license from the FAA, certifying that the parts we produce meet or exceed the quality and performance of the respective OEM products they replace.

Over the years we have earned a great reputation for producing a product line of exceptional quality at very competitive prices. Please see some of our products here.

How is it done?

Our PMAs start with customer driven recommendations.  Our engineers expertly determine all aspects of the OEM part to be replaced, then prototypes are made, tested according  to an FAA approved test plan, and compared to the original part. The resulting FAA-PMA part is, by FAA regulation, equal to or better than the OEM part it replaces.

What's the difference?

The big differences are price and delivery. FAA-PMA prices are typically 25-35% lower than OEM List prices. In some instances substantially greater.

Ask us about our FAA-PMA cooperation programs. If your company helps us get FAA-PMA, we can offer you additional savings. For independent parties or distributors, we can offer commission, royalties or distributor status.


New PMA!

Our latest PMA approvals are:

Bearings P/N AAP-4001T99P03, AAP-4002T01P03, eligible on a CT58 engine. 

Needle Bearing P/N AAP-210036, replacement for Woodward-Ontic P/N 210036.

Bearing P/N AAP-3502858-1, replacement for Honeywell P/N 3502858-1

AAPCO PMAs will save you money and time. What can we PMA for you today?