Aerospace, Military & Commercial

AirGroup America, Inc. provides support for Aerospace, Military & Commercial applications. We offer both OEM and FAA-PMA replacement parts, many of which have dual-use applications. Our specialty is high precision bearings, carbon seals, gears, shafts and many other simple or complex machined parts.


AirGroup America, Inc. replacement parts are found in aircraft from General Aviation, corporate, regionals, and helicopters to large commercial jets.  Our replacement parts are found in many ATA Chapters and systems throughout the aircraft including: engines, fuel, flight control, hydraulics, pneumatics, brakes, landing gears, navigation, interiors and others. Aerospace customers using FAA-PMA parts save substantial money and delivery time.  If you are paying too much for OEM parts, or are frustrated by long OEM lead times, ask us about FAA-PMA alternatives. If we don't already have PMA, we'll work with you to develop it.


While AirGroup America, Inc. primarily supports commercial aerospace, some of our quality replacement parts have dual-use applications. That is to say certain Military Aircraft, like the C-130, also are FAA Type-certified. Ask us about developing FAA-PMA approvals for dual use parts.  Other military aircraft may have commercial counterparts. For this reason we cannot export certain dual-use components without a proper US Sate Dept. export license.


Certain aerospace engines also have commercial derivatives, including maritime engines and electric power generators  or auxiliary power units.  AirGroup America, Inc. has capabilities to manufacture to your print, or if you don't have one we can precisely reverse engineer your part to create a drawing and manufacture it.