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AirGroup America, Inc. Value-Added Services

Inventory Management

Schedule deliveries with firm-fixed pricing for 1-2 years or longer. Learn More >

FAA-PMA Development

If you are paying too much for OEM parts, or suffer from long OEM lead times, FAA-PMA may be your solution. AirGroup America, Inc. has FAA-PMA development programs that can help. Learn More >

Bearing Relubrication

Numerous factors can extend or reduce a bearing's shelf life. The lubricants that are in the bearings that we supply are high-quality lubricants that are typically qualified to certain commercial or military lubrication specifications. Still, at times customers require  re-lubrication service. Learn More >

Bearing Testing & Refurbishment

Reclamation of expensive bearings to overhauled or remanufactured specifications benefit customers by saving them money on new parts and shortening lead time. Overhauled bearings are comparable to new and will offer the customer continuing reliability at a fraction of new replacement prices. Learn More >

Bearing Failure Analysis

Like all products, sometimes bearings fail unexpectedly, and sometimes they fail predictably. In either case, we can help you understand why they are failing and recommend changes or improvements to improve the design and service life. Learn More >

Reverse Engineering

If you would like to save anywhere from 25%-75% off OEM list price on replacement parts, and have dramatically reduced lead times, AirGroup America, Inc. can make that happen for you. Learn More >

Contract Manufacturing

If you need a competitive source for custom manufacturing we can help. We can also hold the production run for you and release according to your schedule. Learn More >

Value-Added Assembly & Kitting

AirGroup America, Inc. offers combining multiple piece parts into an assembly or sub-assembly product. We also offer kitting services for groups of related parts. Learn More >