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Approved Air Parts, LLC. (AAPCO) is AirGroup America Inc's FAA-PMA development company. AAPCO works with MROs to get PMAs on their problem parts. Aerospace customers using FAA-PMA parts save substantial money and delivery time. If you are paying too much for OEM parts, or are frustrated by long OEM lead times, ask us about FAA-PMA alternatives. If we don't already have PMA, we'll work with you to develop it.

Once we obtain the PMA, our customers get deep discounts from high OEM prices, stock delivery and a dependable ongoing source of supply. Our specialty is high precision bearings, carbon seals, gears, shafts and many other simple or complex machined parts.



FAA-PMA P/N AAP-7044M24P01

OEM P/N 7044M24P01 carbon bearing. Used in Whittaker Turbine Clearance Control Valves. Uses 4 Per unit. Our prices and availability beat the OEM and competition, request a quote today!




FAA-PMA P/N AAP-362849-2

OEM P/N 362849-2 starter Spur Gearshaft. Used in Air Turbine Starters, 3 Per unit.



FAA-PMA P/N AAP-3500897-1

OEM P/N 3500897-1 (AG61523) starter bearing. Used in multiple Air Turbine Starters. Use 3 Per unit. Of course our price beats the OEM list price by a mile!




3599-054 Shaft Assy, Drive

P/N AAP-3599-054

One of our MRO customers asked us to help them by getting PMA on this complex gearshaft. Not only did we save them money and assure constant availability, but we improved the structural integrity of the part for better durability.


1000345-3 Ring Rider


Installed in a High Stage Bleed Valve on the EMB-170 & 190 series aircraft. Not only do we beat the OEM, but we also more competitive than other PMA holders!

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What Can We PMA For You?

AAPCO holds FAA-PMA Approvals for High Precision Bearings, Carbon Seals, and Complex Machined Parts. Ask us about working together. We collaborate with customers, distributors, and even other FAA-PMA companies to bring new products to market. Leverage our expertise and open up new opportunities!