Bearing Failure Analysis

Whether in aerospace, industry, or military, operators are looking not only to save significantly on the costs of maintenance, repairs and overhauls, but at the same time improving deliveries and long OEM lead times. Many OEM are notorious for high prices and long lead times. It seems to many that aftermarket customer service has never been OEMs strength, focus, or priority.

In the aerospace industry, the solution for this is FAA-PMA parts (Federal Aviation Administration - Parts Manufacturing Approval).

FAA-PMA approval is one method by which the F.A.A. conveys airworthiness to an aircraft part.  It might also be thought of as a manufacturing license to produce parts for aircraft use.

This begins with studying and thoroughly reverse-engineering the OEM part and creating our own part drawing and design package. The design package is then submitted to the FAA, which carefully evaluates the proposed replacement part in its specific applications. It is then tested and evaluated against the OEM part via a certified test plan that takes into consideration fit, form, function, operation and safety. By Federal Regulation the acceptance criteria for a FAA-PMA replacement part is that it must be equal to or better than the original part.

Through our own FAA-PMA development company, Approved Air Parts Inc. (AAPCO), since 1994 we have had many FAA-PMA approvals, and a proven track record with the FAA and our customers.

Now we can offer that same experience and expertise to non-aerospace customers as well. We'll save you anywhere from 25%-75% off OEM list price, and dramatically reduce lead times in the bargain. We'll even stock parts for you. Whether you already have a drawing for us to build from, or would like us to develop a drawing and data package, please contact us today and we'll get started. Get ready to start saving!

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