Credit Policy

All first-time orders are C.O.D., Pro-forma or Prepayment. Proforma invoices must be paid in full prior to our dispatch of the order. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex. Company checks are accepted with bank and trade references. Cashiers checks are accepted with bank references. 

Credit Application:
Before we can offer Net 30 Day credit terms we need your credit references:

  • Please provide your bank contact information and 3-5 US credit references with whom you have had a longstanding business relationship.
  • References should include Bank or Company Name, Address, Financial Officer Name, Fax, email & telephone.
  • For our customers granted Net 30 day credit terms, we expect you to honor those terms and pay on time.
  • If we have not received your payment by 45 days, it could delay processing of your next order until we can determine the outstanding past-due invoice status.

  • Net 30 accounts that go over 60 days will automatically revert to COD status and be placed on “Credit Hold” status. That means your pending orders will not be released, even on a COD basis, until payment arrangements are made to clean up the past due balance. Alternatively, the past due balance may be added to the COD order total. Accounts routinely reverting to COD may only be able to re-apply for credit terms after 6 months.

  • Unless a payment plan is made and adhered to, accounts that go beyond 90 days will be turned over to a collection agency which reports such delinquencies to credit reporting bureaus. Your account thereafter will be placed on “Cashier’s Check in Advance” Status for any future business and you will not be eligible to re-apply for credit for 2 years.

Canadian Customers:

  • Checks drawn on Canadian banks in US funds are subject to collection, and associated bank fees are the customers responsibility.

International Customers:

  • All wire transfer fees are the customer’s responsibility; invoices must be paid in full in US funds without deductions for bank fees or transfer fees.  
  • For substantial backorders, a substantial non-refundable deposit payable in advance may be required with the P.O.
  • If the volume of business is very large, we will consider only a letter of credit that is confirmed, irrevocable, and drawn on a US bank.






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